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Back in town!

After half a year! Some more of Sisters again on sale in Moscow! This time the welcoming place is Club Mix shop in old good Khokhlovskiy pereulok, 7. Very limited number of items, but you might be the lucky one. Here are some pictures made by Shanya Shu :
dress with open back, different color combinations - 2000 roubles

Shorts (unisex) 3 colors - 2500 roubles. Longsleeve t-shirt - 800 roubles
Tailcoat purple and olive green colors left - 3000 roubles

Blue dress with open back - 2000 roubles. Only one piece!

Cocktail dress (colors - black(L) and brown(M)) - 2000 roubles

Wrap - aroundress - 2000 roubles, sleevless t-shirt - 800 roubles, shorts - 2500 roubles.

Wrap aroundress - 2000 roubles.

AND MORE......................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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